High quality ebikes developed & assembled by Infinito Ebikes

Technical data

  • LCD display with battery gauge, speed and odometer
  • Ability to choose your power-assist levels
  • Central electric motor drive system
  • Powered by 250 W
  • 10 Ah lithium battery
  • Easy-to-use gear system: NuVinci continuously variable transmission¬†technology

Electric bicycle with pedal assistance system

For our routes we only use the best quality mountain bikes from prestigious European and American brands, using the highest quality parts and a motorized system specifically developed and adapted by Infinito eBikes for this activity.

The bicycles are double checked and ready at the start point of every route. The comfort and safety of our clients is of utmost importance to us.

The bicycles use a pedal assisted system that meets European standard laws of pedal assistance systems for electric bicycles (2002/24/EC). The electric motor only activates when the user pedals and it stops automatically when the user does not pedal.

It is a completely safe system for the user as it is not excessively powerful (250W) and fully abides by current European laws. Previous experience is not necessary for its operation. Nevertheless, some basic instructions will be given at the start of the route, which are more than enough to successfully master the functions of our  ebikes.