Advantages of eBikes

Advantages of eBikes

Bicycles are a great way to travel. They are 3 times more efficient than walking and 4 times faster. Developments in component parts have played a huge role in the development of automobiles with components that were originally designed for them such as ball bearings, pneumatic tires, chain, driven sprockets and tension-spoked wheels being incorporated into most modern day cars.

The bicycle has played a huge role in human society and has become one of the most common forms of transport on the planet. They are a viable solution for our transport needs and also a logical way to balance out contamination caused by the use of privately owned combustion vehicles. The bicycle is the most efficient means of transport invented by man in terms of the ratio between energy used to distance travelled.

There are about 1 billion bicycles in the world more than twice the number of automobiles. Since their introduction in the 19th century in Europe they have become the principle means of transport in many regions. Bicycles also provide a popular form of entertainment.

Electrical bikes are the next step in the evolution of the bicycle. The motorization of bicycles permits the user to travel longer distances without overexerting themselves. Cities like Granada, Lisbon and San Francisco are built around hills and mountains and so they pose a simple but important question to the would be cyclist “would I be able to cycle up that steep hill” or “do I want to arrive at work or school looking like I have just run a marathon”. Ebikes are the solution to both these questions.

They also have economical and social benefits. Some individual economic benefits are that electrical bicycles are much cheaper to run and maintain. Depending on electricity prices 50 to 60 km could cost just a few cents. They do not require road tax or insurance due to their status as bikes with PAS (pedal assistance systems). The national benefits of the use of eBikes instead of privately owned automobiles are clear it would improve the nation’s terms of trade due to the reduced need of importing fossil fuels for personal consumption. It would also lessen the damage caused to nations by fluctuating oil prices.  Bicycle lanes are much cheaper to build and maintain compared to roads and motorways.

Other social benefits are the reduction of carbon footprints. The amount of pollution caused by the use of an eBike compared to the habitual use of a car is miniscule. With more bicycles being used for day to day commuting traffic jams will decrease and lower overall pollution produced in major cities.

Ebikes are legally viewed as pedal assisted vehicles and not a motorized form of transport. You are required to pedal to active the motor and if you stop pedalling the motor also stops.

It is a very moderate form of exercise so it will help you keep in shape at the same time.